Sizoll Ori-One (One Shot) Ori-Jet (Modified Starch) Sizoll-Thin Starch Sizoll-BB100 Sizoll-B40 Sizoll-B5000 Mutton Tallow Glycerin is a brand product for
Modern Textile Chemicals

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Sizoll brand is focusing on adding up new strategic business with partners all across the global market.


We will always keep abreast with the latest developments in the specialty chemicals industry.

Strategy and Risk Management

We support customers looking at sustainability and cost optimization through resource productivity.

Long Term Relations

We promise ourselves to focus on the long-term association with our clients rather than the short-term business objectives.


We will always provide the right product at reasonable prices to our clients and thereby maintain high degree of trust.


We work with our customers to address the process challenges to help better manage sustainable performance.


We understand the area of consumption efficiency and optimization across resources such as materials, energy, water and waste.

Value Chain

To create a significant impact, we consider the environmental efficiencies in the areas of machinery, chemical usage and disposal.

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