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  • Fully synthetic oil for passenger car,light truck and performance vehicle.
  • High detergency allows extended drain interval and provide increased cleanliness.
  • Excellent wear protection and friction reduction across wide range of operating condition.
  • Superior high temperature stability
  • Oxidation resistance increases the lubrication of hit metal compared to mineral oil.
  • High nature viscosity index provides thicker oil film in bearings cam.
  • Less evaporation than other synthetic for improved efficiency and ring seals.
  • Completely compatible with other conventional and synthetic oils.


  • All watts viscosity grade for passenger cars and light truck.
  • Popular in crude engine and high performance V8 engine.
  • Thicker oil flim at operating temperature than petroleum oil 10W40.
  • Suitable for AP,SN/SN/SL/SJ/SH/CP and ACEA A3 B3 B4.


1 Viscosity @ 1000C 11.4
2 Viscosity @ 400C 70
3 Viscosity Index 155
4 Sulphated ash w % ASTMD.874 0.8
5 pour point 0C - 420C
6 Flash pointoc0C 2320C
7 Density @ 1.560C 0.859
8 Total base no 11.5
9 MRV @ -350cp 31000
10 HTAS viscosity mpa @ 1500C 3.0